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Tell me one thing about yourself and tag 3 people.

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I am mildly allergic to cats!

@sonsoflucis @cupnoodle-queen @hypaalicious

I don’t actually expect anyone to do this, but here we go lol.

i wanted to be a paleontologist or a landscape architect when i was like five.

@titusdravtos @alicemoonwonderland @zegnautuskeep

Tagged by @pyr0prince as well.

I used to be into a church choir and in musicals. Played a dominetrix during one play 😂😂

@atlerion @tales-of-a-fallen-star @stunninglyignis

tagged by @alicemoonwonderland (I never thought I’d be tagged in stuff like this, THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG)

When I dream I’m actively able to control what happens (aka lucid dreaming).

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Thanks for the tag @tales-of-a-fallen-star

I’m allergic to PPD, which is in most hair dye, meaning I can’t dye my hair ;_;. I learned this the hard way XD.

tagging: @redmasquerade13 @miss-pixieice and @lazarustrashpit (no pressure!)

Thank you for the tag @atarostarling

I’m a major gamer/manga reader especially for Fire Emblem, FF and Pokémon. Might be more than one, oops.😅

Tagging: @moonraccoon-exe @gladiolus-mamacitia @ignis-scientia-estrogen-brigade

Thanks for the tag! ( ^7^ )/

I used to take tap dancing lessons when I was 12 and I still kinda remember a bit of the footwork lol

Tagging: @roses-and-oceans @major-artery @singergurl91

Aww thank you for the tag, love! 💕

I have freckles in my left iris, which coincidentally, is the eye that is a little bit worse off when it comes to vision~

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One thing? Um… Next year will be my seventh year playing the flute!

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Ok tagged by @angelic-guardienne

Only one huh? 🤔 do I tell them..? Nah too dirty….how about? Nah too boring.

Ok. When I was in high school, (I graduated in 1996) I took Spanish classes all four years of high school. But I can only remember certain phrases and words so now I am trying to re-learn it. So does this count as one or two things since I included the year I graduated? 😂😂😂

Ok who to tag. Ok. Just the first three off the top of my head

@airlea-sicarius @mylovelessnightmareffxvblog @theyearofdiamonddogs

I’m allergic to the carbonation in soda so I can’t have soda or any sparkling drinks.

I guess soda ain’t suppose to burn and make your mouth go numb 🤣

@cas-backwards-tie @disneygirl2202 @agent221b

Tagged by @amicitonia

I pronounce pretzel wrong on purpose now… I did as a kid because I thought that’s just how you say the word but now I do it to make people laugh and because it’s a habit and pretzel just sounds wrong to me now.

@loudmouthwally @fangirlnova @existentialmalaises

… I have a lot to say, uhhhh, I hate cilantro?

@cupoftim @a-fallen-little-pine-cone @feithera

uhhhh i suddenly don’t know who i am I really hate cherry tomatoes for some reason, I just despise them. However, I love tomatoes, just not that particular type

@draketimbers @yikes–man and anyone else idk who to else to tag lmao i can’t thinkkk

I suffer from chronic daily migraines!

@loudmouthwally @amessycryptid @i-left-my-brain-at-home and whoever else wants to do this! 💗

i’m super clumsy, it’s ridiculous

i trip/bump into anything a minimum of like three times on a day-to-day basis

@cattwomannn @crustysheith @teen-titans-imagines @anyone

Oml you would be the perfect match then for Jason. Always gotta save ya, huh 😂

I have Atypical Absence Epilepsy! Kinda wears me down, but it’s not something I let define me!

@draketimbers @dc-hoe @writing-yj @anyone lol

WHALE THEN UM what should I say

Ok so I play video games a lot; I have a Steam account with 4-5 games, I play Minecraft and COD on my Xbox 360, etc. I once sat down and played Minecraft for six hours straight.

@aerodynamic-occamy @writingtheworks

My lips chap SO EASILY and I have a collection of superhero cups

@robincoalition @jxsontxdds

I have three freckles on my right arm that form a triangle!

@avengerdragoness @dc-hoe

(I think I was tagged by someone else to post this)

My Amazon wish list is full of books and Polaroid film 😂😂

I tag @wynterrobin @ms-crxne @it-is-i-the-funkiest-nut @mcrjacketslut

I hate political parties

I love superheroes

I am studying business administration in college

@black-mcu-imagines @macfizzle @cinnamon-and-mey

Tagged by @cupcakequeen1999

I love to play videogames

I’m planning to get a new tattoo

I hate crowd but I love exhibitions

@whisky-foxtrot @this-is-mysuperwholockd-design @creepylittlemarvelgirl

Ohh boy. Dont usually do this as I am suuuuper lazy xD

(Tagged by @cinnamon-and-mey )

I am a super freak for horror. Especially indie stuff!

I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was 8

First crush was at 6 years old, and it was Elias Koteas in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film lol

@ford-brosnan-spader @kuranes-parnassus @ooohnice @baenicio-del-toro

Tagged by @this-is-mysuperwholockd-design so here we go xD

I love H.P. Lovecraft and weird fiction in general. ❤

My fashion style is a mix of casual, pastel goth, classic goth, dark mori, and anything I can throw together.

The love of my life is Dolph Lundgren ❤

Now I tag @theindustrialsphinx, @ayasmert, @spocksucker

Tagged by @kuranes-parnassus. Crikey.

I did abseiling once when I was 11 and loved it even though I don’t like heights.

I like knitting and can sit for hours doing it.

Third and final, I have been in the white cab/box section of a cop wagon and I bawled my eyes out because there are no seatbelts in those motherfuckers and my fat arse was sliding from side to side.

Tagging @satanstruemistress, @adreamofmirrors, @quirkyloveswords if you wanna.

Tagged by @ayasmert when the hell did this become 3 things about yourself?

I love ice cream and work at a job where I get to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen, kinda like those dippin dots

I just got Wolfenstein 2 and I’m having a ton of fun blowing Nazis up.

My 4 letter personality thing is apparently ISTP, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean

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1. The last song I listen to. This is an instant eargasm and nostalgic in a way –

2. Besides noodling around on guitar and drums, I like to knit and crochet.

3. My least favorite holiday is Halloween because I don’t see the point of dressing up in something I’m only going to wear once.

Tagging @youngautumndreamer @tobiassammetsavangaysia @bruceedickinson

tagged by @holy-soldiers-nazi-looks thank you!!

1. i’m planning on doing some lo-fi songs any time soon

2. i discovered i have lactose intolerance literally this year

3. i’m way too hyped for the world cup??????

tagging @asylumsammet, @moveslikejaromir and @vedrividia 🙂

@tobiassammetsavangaysia tagged me, thank you!!

1. I literally have two moods at school they’re called suicide and homicide
2. I get way too invested in bands and ships involving them but you all probably know that already so let’s move on to
2.2. I used to never have a ‘guilty pleasure’ song but now I have one.
3. I used to be kinda allergic to sunlight and also had so many freckles when I was younger?

I’m tagging @wrestlethedevil, @asylumsammet and @kikoloureirosdeliveryservice

Tagged by @tobiassammetsavangaysia and @vedrividia thank you! 🙂

1. Objectively, in terms of just voice, my favourite singers are Jørn Lande and Mathias Nygård BECAUSE THEY HAVE DEEP VOICES AND I LOVE IT.

2. I used to like, not dare talk about people I met on the internet to people at like, college and shit and now I’m just like “MY BEST FRIEND LIVES IN BRAZIL AND WE WANT TO GO TO ICELAND AND DO YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW COOL SHE IS WELL I’LL TELL YOU ANYWAY”

3. Last year I had a tiny crush on an Italian girl named Laura and I was an awkward mess every time I was close to her bc she was adorable ghruighgr

I’ll tag @wrestlethedevil, @only-one-who-waits and @cactiflowergirl if they want to do this 🙂

Thank you @asylumsammet 😀

Hmm… 1. I hate physical contact. Don’t touch m by surprise, don’t tickle me, or you might get punched. 

2. I love spicy food. I can’t help but put chili, pepper and spicy sauce everywhere. 

3. I have one life goal which is to visit as many countries as I can (which could also be an opportunity to attend as many concerts as I can)

Tagging: @socialement-malaisante, @cnatab @salemsbat

Merci @only-one-who-waits , mais j’ai déjà du mal à trouver 1 fact, alors là que c’est passé à 3!.. xD

  1. Depuis fin Août je compte les jours où je ne me cogne pas en passant une porte: on est le 12 Décembre et j’en suis à 78.
  2. Je ship jamais personne. Je déteste l’amour en général en fait.
  3. Et…. euh… J’ai jamais vu un seul Star Wars et j’ai pas envie.

Bon maintenant il faut que je trouve des gens à déranger… @jefaiscequejepeux , @larosezen , @quemajoiedemeure

Merci à @socialement-malaisante de m’avoir taggué 🙂

1- Je regarde (beaucoup) de vidéos de maquillage alors que je ne me maquille jamais

2- Je me cogne souvent les doigts de pieds

3- J’adore trier, organiser, ranger ma chambre ou quelle que pièce que se soit

Je taggue @petite-fossette @jeressensdeschoses @itsmimii94

Taguée par @larosezen 🙂

1 j’adore cuisiner surtout le pain perdu et le risotto.

2 aujourd’hui je suis allée à la patinoire et j’ai même pas tombé.

3 j’ai déjà fait de la forge et c’était cool à part que j’avais pas assez de force.

Je tague @mrwisest @mavieestunefiction @manu-la-louve

@petite-fossette Tu perds rien pour attendre ! En plus tu as mis trois infos au lieu d’une.
Je vais devoir faire de même.

1) J’aime pas les chaînes, par défaut, celles qui te demande de reposter sans quoi tu damnes ta familles sur six générations. Tant que tu ne me tag que sur des comme celles ci, je ne t’en veux pas 🙂

2) Quand je suis amoureux je suis créatif, ambitieux, et j’ai pas froid au yeux

3) Mon rêve dans la vie, c’est de devenir le premier roi au monde à réinventer la définition, qui fera que pour des ères et des ères, ont se souviendra de mon influence positive, et de ma sagesse, et qu’à jamais se perde l’idée d’un roi qui ordonne, qui coupe des têtes, qui ne s’occupe que de lui, et parfois sa famille.

@barthelemyledragon @kalyo-d @vert-sauvage
Sorry not sorry 🙂

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