And so I smile

I am the perfect wallflower. Even my wall don’t notice me

I could feel bad, but I won’t
I did share a tear or two
Well maybe a mug at least
But I was tired, and tonight wasn’t me
I got to a “party”
The kind of place I don’t belong to
Only because I don’t know anyone there, I guess
Then a guy came to me
He was the usual drunk
The one who is known to be drunk
They even got rules for him
But tonight he talked to me
I know him too, and I know he’s bothersome
He keep blabbing about everything he can think of
And I was alone, there, listening to his crap
Kind of trying not to be pissed
I even looked in his eyes, trying to find anything in him that would have made me think of something not to blame and tag poor guy crazy, he’s for sure alone
And me, as I was listening, I got struck by this revelation
Even with all my might, I did not belong there, next to this real fool
I was no better than him, trying to find my place where there is none
So I left, and as the cold of the oustide reached my jaws, I warmed them with soft and quick tears. I didn’t cry because I didn’t have my place there, but because there was no one to notice. And alone I would stay.

It’s something that bother me. I know I’m not alone, there is so much people around, but in the other hand, never enough.
Be careful, me self, be loved, take care of yourself, and smile, because when you smile, life smile back, and you know it.

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