The sea is large, and the ocean infinite.
you look at the bottom, you only see the bottom and those sirens that
call you down.

Sometimes, we simply forget to look up. Well, it’s not just that we forget. We don’t see what’s so bright about it. And so we switch back to looking down, being down, seeing down, feeling down, thinking down and so the only road is leading you down.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking down, there is always a little part of me that ask why. When I’m crying, it’s because I though of a situation that was happy and I can’t live anymore. Not because I can’t, but because this situation is no more the same. But anyway, I’m crying, then after a minute or so, I forgot why I was crying, but am still crying. So I ask myself why. Do I like feeling down ?

No, you don’t, no one do. But it’s easier to not act against it.

Think of it as a friend. That friend is always there to tell you about before, “how it was great”. Or now, “how my girlfriend is soft whit her new lover”. “How her parents are kind when they meet him”. Or, “now that you are alone, you are suffering, you’ll always do”. “Your life will never be happy again, not without her”. “You don’t know what to do with your life, do you ?”

And while he tell you all that, you just listen, because you know he’ll be there anyway. And so you cry.
Okay, that’s for sure, if you just try not to listen, he’ll come stronger, shouting. Be certain of it.

But, and I insist, BUT when and after listenning to him, you can just, as to any of your friend, tell him to stop. You heard what he had to tell you, and now you don’t need him to stay. You want your other friend to be there.

Wait, wich one ? I’m just sad, let me be sad. You’re not sad. You’re just being visited by Sadness, Doubt, Grudge, Jealousy his little mischivious friends. And you’re certainely not obliged to accomodate him longer. So wich one you ask ? Invite Gratitude, first. Then you’ll see Ambition, and Dream, maybe not so long after there will also be Action with you. I’m grateful to be alive. Grateful to be able to see all this and learn what I can, about it. I’m gratefull to be able to share it so easily. I’m grateful to be able to think about my ambition, even if I don’t have any right now, beside becoming a kind King, and not knowing really what it means.

When I experiment the visit of Serenity, while I’m with Sadness, I just feel Sadness to be there and useless. Even if I can’t promptly ask her to go. I don’t need so much effort more to do so. I thanks my mum, my scarces friends, and every little things that help me with one little push to get over it.
I know I’ll be a better version of myself soon.

I though of you, @harmonuit. Not that I know exactly what you live.
May you find something usefull here. You, and everyone. That’s also why I write. for everyone. The ocean,  the sea. For all the kindness I can give, to anyone needing it as much as I do.

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