I wake up free of anything that could affect serenity. If anything is on my mind, I write it and deal with it in an appropriate manner and due time. And this if it occurs anytime in the day.

Whatever the intensity of the light, I am delighted and full o energy inside and outside me and ready to transform it into potential of
realizing and

releasing project.

I am pleased with each encounter of the day : Learning or teaching increase my potential.

I do all of what was planed for the day in the limits of my capacity and detect if there is anything blocking me from achievements.

I go to bed the same way I woke up. With ease and peace of mind. Like if this day was the last.

I want every day to be myself and not to in stress anymore and thus be in control of the “me”.
I would like to be wise to become the king I didn’t had and develop my potential as such, to bring counsel and tools to the one who seeks such help.

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