5M – The Folded Club

To save his own life, he would have to kill. Here, between the walls of the arena. He would conquer his fears. His first battle would be the hardest.

“Hello runner. How wet is your pant ?” she laughed at him. “You know I will not go easy on you, right ?”
He didn’t respond. There were weapons at the center somewhere. The “Ring” was two hundred square meter. He had to run and find some before his opponent.
A sound crushed his ears even with his hands over them. When he could get his head up again, he only saw his opponent jumping in the ring. He bolted and ran after her.
In the building he was going from room to room, corridor to corridor. He took left, then right and right again. In the last room he arrived, there was a big wooden door. He tried to open it but without luck, it was locked. He saw then on the wall a bag of golf club. He grabbed one. One that looked stronger than the others and started bashing the door. After some time the club started to fold in two.
Then he realized “The clubs are the weapons !”

“Hello there little man” she was at the other door.
“You have a gun ?” he said, terrified.
She was aiming a double barreled shotgun at him. He dropped on his knees, letting go of the club which fell on the floor with a loud deaf sound.

Seeing him looking at the floor with eyes staring to the abyss, the woman came to him. “Hey there little guy, are you already dead ? Won’t you at least put up a fight ? Come on, I can’t kill you when you look that desperate. Where’s the fun in that.”
He looked at her, tears in the corners of his eyes. She was not aiming at him anymore. He jumped at her ragging.

Sadly, he was met with a kick which took him back on his knees.
“My patience has limits too you know. I’m going to end this now.” She pointed the barrels to his head. He closed his eyes and she pulled the trigger.


He opened one eye. He was still alive. She pulled again.


“Fucking gun !” she yelled
He grabbed the folded club to his right and jumped her. He bashed her harder than the door. He didn’t stop when the club broke in the middle. Nor when five full armored men came into the room. They had to call for a sixth man to be able to pull him out.

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