So, yesterday I made and recorded a song.
If you liked it (or not, of course), don’t hesitate to react, to comment, to send me a private message or simply share it 😀

Here are the lyrics :

Today there was a girl
From the other flat
The walls are so thin
I heard her crying

I never know
How to react
To simple things
It is a fact

So I did nothing
But listening
She was in her bath
For sure in the dark

The days are passing by
And I don’t hear a thing
Not the bath being filled
Nor the water running

I ran into her the other day
She tried to smile and said
“It’s been some weeks now
I might be just fine somehow”

I’m counting the nights
Cause I can’t sleep
I know she isn’t fine
But she will be, right ?

Today I heard the girl
From the other flat
The walls are so thin
She was still crying

I opened my door,
And went in front of hers
I stood there
For at least an hour

The crying had stopped
Long before I knocked
When she finally opened
My head went just blank

“How can I help you ?”
She asked without a clue
“Hi, I wondered if…” – “Yes ?”
“Am I overdressed ?”

She laugh for the first time
"Well, you know, since I’m…
Inviting you to diner tonight…
Please, will you join me ?”


Inspired by this song by Dodie Clark